This online magazine is an international platform that has an admirable concept: to show the best things in the world, for a better world.



>>> In English:

Social Design, Designing a Better World
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Much more than books,
The "cartonero" publishing phenomenon in Latin America

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>>> Em Português:

Design Social, O design de um Mundo Melhor
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Muito mais que livros,
O fenómeno editorial "cartonero" na América Latin
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"IM Magazine is a international online magazine that has a unique concept: to show the best things in the world... for a better world.
In a world where information and knowledge are crucial for development, this online magazine inspire its readers, by shedding light over the so called "bright side of the world", which unfortunately too many times stays in the shade of the public knowledge.
With original and exclusive articles from journalists and collaborators from different parts of the world, IM Magazine shows what extraordinary accomplishments have there been around our planet. In another words, IM is the place where anyone can discover the world of visionaries, thinkers, philanthropists, voluntaries, inventors, investors, researchers, social entrepreneurs, social innovators, projects which make a difference, ideas that are changing and shaping the future, responsible and innovative companies, new solutions for old problems and much more in every field that interests mankind.
It stands for the idea that we are all in need of more positive role models and inspiring examples of change. It unravels personal stories that broaden our horizons, nurturing its readers with meaningful thoughts and ideas.
IM is more than a magazine. It’s a positive attitude. It’s a new way of looking and thinking the world. IM is a place for construction, intelligence and humanity, open to positive collaborations and partnerships."