CALL FOR POEMS : SXF. Schönefeld Poetry

A reading inspired on airports in particular and non-places in general.

Every month at Altes Finanzamt in Neukölln/Berlin FILAMENT STANZA organizes a Literature Night. In February 2011 the Call for Poems was themed SXF (airport Schönefeld), where Moss Beynon Juckes read "That Beautiful Field" a multilanguage poem written by Joana Bértholo.

Other poems were read by: Linden Horvath, Jacalyn Carley, Paula Varjack & Marti Bengtsson, John Melville, Bjarte Alvestad and Mário Gomes. Presented by Jochen Thermann.

The footage was taken by Joana and Joa Gridfonte.